Trent protects open space

Trent has fought to protect lands that have been designated for decades as open space in our general plan. Having smart, balanced planning and zoning is important to Trent and he will continue to lead on this type of development as your Mayor.

2016 Secondary Water Turn Off

Trent researched the issue and moved immediately to turn the secondary water on last summer after being turned off without council approval.

Trent’s Leadership on Improving Riverton Water

Trent was the driving force behind improving the culinary water source in Riverton.

Riverton Historical Society Endorses Trent Staggs for Riverton Mayor

Trent has re-established the Historical Preservation Commission and has been a great advocate of preserving Riverton History in a way that doesn't infringe on property rights.

Riverton Planning Commission Member Endorsement

"Trent was a great leader in getting the CenterCal deal...and in limiting the amount of high density..."

Law Enforcement Association Endorsement

We wholeheartedly support Trent for Mayor of Riverton City, and ask that you join us in our support. We have no doubt Trent will be a truly great Mayor." -- Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Association