Our city receives funding from the state each year in our Class B road fund (Fund 21) to maintain all of the city owned streets. This funding comes from a share of the gas tax we all pay at the pump. We are falling short in this fund of being able to pay for even the bare bones maintenance of our roads. It will therefore become even more critical that leadership in the Mayor’s office is used to drive innovative solutions that make government more efficient and bring more business to Riverton that will contribute more sales and franchise taxes, so we are not all stuck with higher taxes and fees to cover this fundamental service.

I will also work with and negotiate with UDOT and state officials to ensure Riverton’s state owned roads are adequately maintained and improved. The Redwood Road widening project, maintenance of 12600 S and the construction of grade separated interchanges along Bangerter Highway within our borders will be crucial to minimizing traffic congestion and allow us to grow.

What is Happening with TRAX?

I get this question a lot. In short, UTA commissioned a study and came up with a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) route to try and connect Daybreak station in South Jordan with the Frontrunner station in Draper. This line shows a transit route along Mountain View Corridor, cutting across 13200 S through the new CenterCal development, traveling down the west side of Bangerter Highway and then ultimately down 12600 S into Draper. The mode of transportation (light rail, bus rapid transit or express bus) was not selected, nor the timeline. Realistically, it could take several years before any construction would ever begin.

After speaking to many of you, especially those of you that live close to 12600 S, I was not in favor of extending the LPA down 12600 S, and worked with council members to vote on terminating the line in the area of the CenterCal project, and not down 12600 S. You can review the audio of the March 1, 2016 meeting to hear me clarify that trax would not go down 12600 S (listen around the 1 hour and 26 min mark). Here are some of the reasons I’m opposed to light rail down 12600 S:

  • Increases congestion along an already heavily traveled road
  • The proximity with which it would be to our High School and other schools
  • Restricts business access on 12600 S to right in, right out only

I would be open to another mode of transit other than light rail for this section, for example an express bus route. I am also open to another route for light rail, such as continuing the red line along Bangerter Highway from the planned Mountain View Village area (CenterCal development) to connect with Draper Frontrunner. Or, a continuation along Mountain View Corridor down to the Lehi station.