Our city has grown considerably over the last decade to some 40,000 residents. With the remaining build out we are projected to grow to around 55,000. As your Mayor, I will work hard to balance the small town feel, that has attracted so many of us to this city, with the increased transportation and other development needs that bring work, connectivity, entertainment, restaurant and retail options closer to home. In addition to providing these services closer to home, these options also bring with them an increase in sales and franchise tax revenues, that if used properly can lead to a decrease in our taxes and fees.


A Balanced Approach

I will continue to work on a balanced approach of development; increasing open spaces and limiting high density development. Here are some examples of that approach that I’ve worked on in my term as a councilman, and a philosophy I would carry into the Mayor’s office:

  • Sponsored a resolution to join the Jordan River Commission. We have received over $120,000 in grant and in-kind contributions over the past 2 years that have been used to enhance our section of the Jordan River trailway.
  • Fought to ensure that the new Master Development Agreement with the owners of 543 acres between Bangerter Highway and Mountain View Corridor included open spaces and a trail system. This reduced the number of homes by around 10% from what was previously negotiated with current administration.
  • Denied a rezone request that would have taken planned open space near the Jordan River and converted it into a residential development.

Any rezone request to medium density levels should be done thoughtfully and work with surrounding neighbors to minimize concerns and impact. I’m of the opinion that our city needs to analyze what land we have left and perform a review of our general plan before rezoning any more property to higher density residential. I also look forward to working on providing some restaurants near the Main Park along with some office spaces east of 1300 W to revitalize the old downtown (see the issue on Revitalizing the old Downtown).