The city needs a Mayor who has a proven business background and experience in putting forth innovative solutions that lower cost and bring necessary government services closest to the people. I have promised to do all I can to reduce taxes and fees and am delivering on that promise. I have voted no on proposed increases for storm water and garbage fees. I’ve also voted no on frivolous expenditures and tried to make government more accountable and efficient. But it’s not just voting no on these measures, it is also providing innovative solutions that will not grow government and costs.

Providing Innovative Solutions that Lower Costs

It is critical that we have the leadership that will not be content with the status quo, but rather continuously seek innovative solutions that result in lower taxes and fees, and then actually lower those taxes and fees once the solution is implemented. Here are some of the things I have sponsored or led out on that will ultimately lower our taxes and fees:

  • Led the way in procuring CenterCal as a developer to our city. This has the potential to bring in millions of dollars in sales and franchise tax revenues, that if used wisely can lower taxes and fees.
  • Leading the effort to exit the Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area (SLVLESA) so we can contract directly with Unified Police Department. This has the potential of saving Riverton taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in property tax, add more officers as needed, and curb the continual tax increases in the future that SLVLESA has signaled.
  • Negotiated with UDOT to save the city $700,000 in “betterment” costs they wanted to assess in the Redwood Rd widening project currently underway.
  • Working to provide a solution of bringing animal control services back into the city while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the current contract with the county, by partnering with local veterinary clinics to provide sheltering.
  • Currently investigating new clean water technologies that could render our well water equal or better than Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, thereby limiting the amount of purchases from them in the future to keep water costs low.