Participation from all of us is what truly turns a city into a community. And, I believe, it is only through a highly involved citizenry that a community can truly prosper. Whether by restoring our Historic Preservation Commission, leading out on the new city website and social media presence, live streaming meetings, or continuous posts on my personal Facebook page, I promise to continue to improve resident engagement in events and policy making

How Can We Improve?

In speaking to some of you, here are some areas that we might consider to increase participation:

  • Create a Community Board to help program and deliver our Town Days. There are several church and civic groups in our community that I believe would be willing to participate.
  • Communicate and showcase the efforts of our recently constituted Historic Preservation Commission. Invite others to help identify and document matters of historical significance.
  • Leverage our website and technology assets to better promote and encourage volunteerism.