As you may remember, last summer the current administration decided to unilaterally shut down our secondary water. I had actually called for an emergency council session to get all of the facts on secondary water quality concerns. Once in that emergency session, it became apparent that although there were some elevated levels of blue algae, the count never exceeded an unsafe level in any of our four canals. With that I moved immediately to turn the water back on, amidst objections from the current administration.

There was some misinformation that came out of this time, with some reports actually providing a false narrative that Riverton somehow was unique in its position of not having a back up source for secondary water. The truth is that any city in our county that even provides secondary water to its citizens sources solely from Utah Lake. We are actually in a much better position than any other city, as our secondary water system is actually available to 100% of our residents. This is unique as most other cities only provide a small percentage of their populations with secondary water, if provided at all. Our secondary system saves an average sized property owner hundreds of dollars a year in water costs if  they were forced to water with water from the Conservancy District. As your Mayor, I will work hard to protect the availability of secondary water to all residents and look for ways to continuously improve both the quality and supply of secondary water.

Although Utah Lake water levels and algal blooms are outside of our control, we can as a city look to improve both secondary water quality and supply. I’ve heard from many of you that are concerned with the effects of the secondary water system on certain plants. I will make it a priority to review filtering or other technologies as I work with our talented water department staff to make any changes to our system that we can to improve both quality and supply.